"The experience we had in building our home with DKM Builders was immensely positive and we would thoroughly recommend Duncan and his team at DKM Builders to anyone in the Victorian North East district. 

Duncan's professionalism, honesty, punctuality and attention to detail was consistent throughout the building process, with regular site meetings, discussion and a genuine eagerness to ensure quality was achieved in every aspect of our home. Whilst our home was by no means a standard build, DKM Builders were able to deliver on every single aspect of the house build, on time, completing complex roof lines, polished concrete flooring, energy-passive requirements and a stand-alone system efficiently. At the end of the build we were delighted with our new home - the dream of creating a fully functional energy passive home, powered by the sun, has become a reality. We consider Duncan an excellent builder who is exceptionally efficient in coordinating his team. We also congratulate Duncan and the DKM team for their recent successes with the local Master Builders Association Awards, which clearly reflects their talent, commitment and the genuine interest to build quality homes. Building or renovating a home is a great privilege, that deserves the focus of a great builder”. 


                - James Bourke and Meg Whatley, Emu Bridge Farm, Benalla